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Fabulous Fifties Luncheon 2013
Photos from the Diamond Jubilee 60th Reunion of the Class of '53
Photos from the Reunion Planning Committee Wrap-up Meeting, 11-4-13
Photos from the Fabulous Fifties Luncheon 2013
l/r Joe May '52, Cookie Moore Reed '53, and Joe Lawler '49

l/r  Francis Murphy '55, Jimmy Stockard '53, Peggy Stockard, '57, and Don Nesbett '51

Rene DeHondt '54, Carolyn Brewer DeHondt, H. J. (Jay) Crain '54 and wife Carolyn Crain

l/r Glenn Sandifer '53, Charles Hickman '53, Beverly Mauritzen Sandifer '53, JJerry & Barbara Crouch Byrd '53

r/l Byron King '49, Bonnie Spence King, '53, Mary Black Sanders '53, and guest Norma James

l/r Jonnie Richey Kline, 51, Vernon '51 and Betty '49 Webster, Carolyn Flanagan '51, Norma Rowan Scoggins '50, and Jeannine Winters Porter, '51

Johnnie Statthem McClure '52. Yvonne Pittman Hendrick '52, Frances Hover Roddy '52

Cookie Moore Reed '53 and Coach Clem Henderson

l/r Bob Watt '54, wife Jean Maxwell Watt '54, Shirley Hardwick '55
l/r Elaine Dalrymple Jones '57, Andrew and Bobbie Dalrymple '57, Loyd Jones, Denny Howard '57, Pat Gladden Berry, '57, and Carolyn Christian Betts '57

Martha Henderson, grandson  Alexander, and Coach Clem Henderson

Don Phillips '53 and Judy Shelhammer Phillips '57

Dale Rogers '53 , wife Ann Rogers, Jerrie Saur (wife of Gene's late brother, Henry), Bonnie Saur, Gene Saur '53, and Arlene Weyer Taylor '53 (sister of Jerrie Saur).

l/r James Cross '51, (Ralph Cross' brother) lives in Warren, Arkansas, Sarah Williams, Wade Bonds '64, A.L. Williams '53, and Cathy Bonds '66

l/r  Andrea Jones Cooper '58, Cookie Moore  Reed '53, Janelle Morell Hendrix '53, Jo Ann Jefferson Green '53, and Fay Dunn Cunningham '53

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Photos from the Class of '53 Reunion 2013
Kent McMath '53 , wife JoNell Swinney McMath '52, Patsy Stewart Hickman '53, Cookie Moore Reed '53, Sue Ann Gunnels Melton '53

Skip Shirley & Sue Ann Gunnels Melton
(Charles Hickman, background at left)

A. L. Williams '53 amd Cathi & Wade Bonds (FPHS Alumni Association)

Betty Bacon Crumpler '53 and David Matthews '53

Beverly Mauritzen Sandifer '53 and Glen Sandifer '53

Bill Massey '55 and wife, Robbie Spencer Massey, '55
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Bonnie Spence King '53 and Byron King '51

Charles Permenter '53

Dale Rogers '53 and Bobby Ray McAlphin '53

Don Nesbett '52 and Mildred Branch Nesbett '53

Byron King '51, Mary Black Sanders '53, and Tommy Sanders '52
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George Morris "Sonny" Sorrell '53

Johnie Crumpler '53

Shirley Richey Jernigan '53 and Patricia Ward Faludi '53

O'Neal Johnson '53 and wife, Ruth

JoNell Smith Jerome '53, Cookie Moore Reed '53, and Fay Dunn Cunningham '53
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Sam Love '53 and wife

Skip Shirley '53 and Geraldine Winkler Shirley '52

Stanley Sims '53 and wife

Folks Visiting

Janelle Morell Hendrix & Bonnie Spence King at registration desk
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Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman

The Podium

Tilman Thomas (ex-FPHS faculty), Charles & Patsy Hickman

Donald Ray Cooper, Reunion Planning Committee Chairman, & Judy Shellhammer Phillips

Donald Ray Cooper & Andrea Jones Cooper

Paxton Dickson & Carolyn Dickson
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Fay Dunn Cunningham, Andrea Jones Cooper, Bonnie Spence King, & Judy Shellhammer Phillips

Gene Saur, Bonnie Saur, Margie Hearn, Donald Ray Cooper, & Robert Hearn

Carolyn Dickson & Robert Hearn

O'Neal  & Ruth Johnson

Margie Simmons Hearn, Bonnie Saur, & Mildred Branch Nesbett
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Sue Ann Gunnels Melton, Robert Hearn, Margie Simmons Hearn, Bonnie Saur, & Carolyn Dickson

Kent & Jo Nell McMath

Sammy Love & wife, and Patsy Stewart Hickman

Mildred Branch Nesbett, Don Nesbett, & Tommy Sanders

Stanley Sims & wife, and Dondal Ray Cooper
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Sammy & Janice Love

Judy Shellhammer Phillips, Imogene Brown (back, middle), and ? (need help with name)

Martha & Coach Clem Henderson, & Andrea Jones Cooper

Gene Saur, Coach Clem Henderson, & Tommy Sanders

Skip & Geraldine Winkler Shirley
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Jerry Byrd & Don Nesbett

Andre Jones Cooper & Sarah (Mrs. A.L.) Williams

Robert Hearn, Judy Shellhammer Phillips, & Margie Simmons Hearn

Jerry & Barbara Crouch Byrd

Cathi & Wade Bonds (Cathi is director of the FPHS Alumni Association)
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Martha Henderson, A. L. Williams, & Coach Clem Henderson

Willie Joe Dowden; Roy Dowden & wife on right)

John Yates & wife

Tommy Sanders, Bobby Ray McAlphin, & Mary Black Sanders

JoNell Smith Jerome, David Matthews & wife, and Don Nesbett
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Don & Judy Shellhammer Phillips

Right Side of Group Picture

Left Side of Group

Donald Ray Cooper and Charles Permenter, winner of watch in auto identification contest

Judy Horne, winner of watch in Fifties Song Identification Contest & Donald Ray Cooper
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Winning a Prize (help with name)

A. L. Williams & Stanley Sims

Donald Ray Cooper, A. L. Williams, & Peggy Murphey Stockard

Ann (Mrs. Dale) Rogers

Donald Ray Cooper, A. L. Williams, & David Matthews
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Sonny Sorrell

Mildred Branch Nesbett & A. L. Williams

Jimmy Stockard & Donald Ray Cooper (awarding Jimmy a watch for his website work)

Donald Ray Cooper awarding wife, Andrea Jones Cooper, a gift for her hard work on committee activities

Martha & Clem Henderson, and Mary Black and Tommy Sanders
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Sarah & A. L. Williams

Arlene Weyer Taylor and Jere Saur (wife of the late Henry Saur; Gene's brother)

Don and Milded Nesbett

Robert Hearn and Gene Saur

Gene and Bonnie Saur

Skip and Geraldine Winkler Shirley

Sondra and David Matthews

Reunion Planning Committee Wrap-up Meeting, 11-4-13
Donald Ray & Andrea Jones Cooper
DDale & Patricia LaGrone
Byron & Bonnie Spence King
Don & Mildred Branch Nesbett
Mary Black Sanders & Fay Dunn Cunningham
Don Phillips & Charles Hickman
Carl & Shirley Ponder Hardwick
Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman
Janell Morell Hendrix
Cookie Moore Reed

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 People Who Attended the Fabulous Fifties Luncheon 2013, Starting With 1950
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