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Pictures provided by Jimmy Rogers

From left to right:   Edwin Connie Lee Suggs (1953)   Jimmy Rogers (1953)   Johnie Crumpler (1953)  

From left to right:   Carl Hickman (1953)   Jimmy Stockard (1953)   John & Patty Pickering, Jr. (1953)  

Gathering in Baton Rouge

From left to right:   Peggy Stockard (1953)   Ed ‐ LSU Grad   Jimmy Stockard (1953)   Jim Rogers (1953)  

From left to right:   Jimmy Stockard (1953)   John Pickering, Jr. (1953)

Pictures from the 9th Annual Fabulous 50's Reunion Friday October 14, 2016 at East Ridge Country Club

Picture provided by Jimmy Rogers

From left to right:   Jimmy Rogers (1953)   George Crain (1955)   Jackie Rogers (1953)

Picture provided by Jimmy Rogers

Below pictures taken at luncheon

Picture #1
Lo Walker and Connie Westergaard Cash

Picture #2
  Byron and Bonnie King

Picture #3
Sandy Brown      Tommy Brown (52)      Jerry Brown (55)

Picture #4
  Robert & Margie Hearne

Picture #5

Picture #6
  Tommy & Mary Black Sanders

Picture #7
    Beverly Bland Tucker

Picture #8
  Robert & Sue Owens Fisher

Picture #9
   Carolyn Webb      Linda Zimmerman  

Picture #10
Linda Zimmerman   Shirley Kendrick Ardoin

Picture #11
Cookie Moore Reed   Wade Bonds   Byron & Bonnie King

Picture #12
Betty Parker     Andrew & Frances Lord    

Picture #13
  Sonny & Mary George Sorrell    Joe Lawler     Cookie Moore Reed

Picture #14
  Carolyn Webb   Carolyn Williams

Picture #15
Leo and Myrna Sanford

Picture #16
  Sam Brice

Picture #17
Patricia Lester Smithey

Pictures of the Saturday tour starting in the Alumni Office

Picture #18
Betty Parker   Thomas Sistrunk, Jr.   

Picture #19
Betty Parker      Thomas Sistrunk, Jr.

Picture #20

Picture #21

Picture #22

Picture #23

Picture #24

Picture #25

Picture #26

Picture #27

Charles and Patsy Hickman Anniversary Announcement

Dedication of Gateway to Learning in Memory of Dr. James (Jimmy) Stockard Class of 1953

Photos of 8th Annual 1950's Decade Luncheon

October 9, 2015

Principal Edward Lee Alberson 1937 - 1957
Cathy Bonds in the Alumni Office
Patsy Hickman

Tile Indian Donated by Class of 1961

Gloria Bohnstehn Meyer, Class of '53
With her granddaughter, Lindsay, on
graduation day from medical school, June 2013.

April 3, 2013
The Reunion Planning Committee Meeting
The Committee met at the Silver Star Smokehouse in Bossier City
to complete the plans for our classes' upcoming 60th reunion on October 18 & 19, 2013.
The reunion is named  "Class of 1953 Diamond Jubilee.

Don Phillips, Janell Morell Hendrix, and Dale LaGrone

Carolyn Dickson, Mary George Stone Nugent, and Paxton Dickson

Mary Black Sanders, Faye Dunn Cunningham, and Cookie Moore Reed

Mildred Branch Nesbett and Don Nesbett

Byron King and Bonnie Spence King

Shirley Ponder Hardwick and Carl Hardwick

Patsy Stewart Hickman and Charles Hickman

Donald Ray Cooper and Andrea Jones Cooper

Chuck Fulco, Jim's friend Linda, and Jimmy Rogers
at Shreveport Mardi Gras Celebration
October 17, 2012, Reunion Planning Meeting
Our committee meeting was held at the Silver Star Smokehouse in Bossier City (lunch & planning meeting).
We worked on the plans for our upcoming 60th Diamond Jubilee reunion, which will be held on October 19, 2013, in Shreveport.
Judy & Don Phillips
living in Shreveport
Shirley & Carl Hardwick
living in Shreveport

J.R. & Mary George Stone Nugent
living in Sulphur Bluff, Texas

Don & Mildred Branch Nesbett and Gwen (Mrs. Zeke) Howard
living in Longview, Texas & Gwen in Shreveport

Carolyn & Paxton Dickson
living in Amarillo, Texas

Faye Dunn Cunningham & Cookie Moore Reed
living in Shreveport

Mary Black Sanders (right) and visiting friend
living in Shreveport

Janell Morell Hendrix
living in Shreveport

Byron & Bonnie Spence King
living in Shreveport

Donald Ray & Andrea Jones Cooper
living on Toledo Bend Lake, near Zwolle

Martha & Coach Clem Henderson
living in Shreveport

Dale & Patricia LaGrone
living in Shreveport

Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman
living in Dallas, Texas

1953 State Champs
(Photo courtesy of Raymond Zimmerman & Jimmy "JC" Rogers)

Eating out in Dallas, TX, May 2012,
Seated: Douglas "Dean" Smith & wife, Ann; Charles Hickman & wife, Patsy
(couple standing to the left some non-FPHS friends)
Photos of Class of '53 Reunion Planning Committee, April 2012,
at the farm of Don & Mildred Branch Nesbett
near Jefferson, TX






Mrs. Ferne Turner, October, 2011
Beloved former FPHS librarian enjoying the Fair Park Class of '53 Website.  Ferne now lives with
her son and daughter-in-law on a mountainside in Idaho.
Shreveport Reunion 10-15-11, Class of '53

Branson 9-15-11
The Group

Girls Will Shop

Charles Hickman, Donald Ray Cooper, Spanky Lewis             Charles Hickman, Frances Breithaupt Murphey, Andrea Jones Cooper
Don & Mildred Nesbett with bus driver

People Who Went To Branson
Don Cooper '53 & Andrea Jones Cooper '58  acdc65@wildblue.net
Howell "Spanky" Lewis '55 and wife Alice  hanklewis37@hotmail.net
Derrell "Zeke" Howard '53 and wife Gwen  zekehow14@comcast.net
Paxton Dickson '53 and wife Carolyn
Jim Howard '57 and Betty Mottett Howard '58  Jim_hwrd@yahoo.com
Jackie Martin Mallett '59 and husband John '57  jackiamallett@hotmail.com
Joann Hurst Huber '51 and husband Fred  freddrickhuber@bellsouth.net
Betty Upchurch Breedlove '55  clck@msn.com
Frances Breithaupt Murphey '55  franfbm@bellsouth.net
Don Nesbett '51 & Mildred Branch Nesbett '53  donnesb@hotmail.com
Byron King '49 and Bonnie Spence King '53
Charles Hickman '53 & Patsy Stewart Hickman  hickman53@sbcglobal.net
Janice Stewart Kramer '51 & husband Bob  rw_kramer@sbcglobal.net
Alda Sayles '59 & husband John
Lynwood Lupo '56 and Arthurine "Sam" Lupo  AKL1142@comcast.net  
Others on the trip:
Charles and Frances Smith  spankysmith1966@cox.net
Billie Fulmer  fulmerbillie@cablelynx.com
Louise Westmoreland
Zelda Johnston  zbjohnston@cablelynx.com
Lurlene Boyett  lurleneboyett@hughes.net

Last Commencement
Jimmy Stockard is pictured with some of his graduate students at his last commencement at LSU in May, 2011.
Jimmy retired from LSU in May, 2011.
He taught and worked as an administrator in Shreveport's Caddo Parish School System,
and taught at Centenary College in Shreveport, Northeast State University in Monroe,
California Polytechnic University in Pomona, Auburn University in Alahama,
and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
Jimmy & Peggy (Class of '58) now live in Windermere, Florida.

Patsy Stewart Hickman, Gwen Howard, Andrea Jones Cooper, Paxton Dickson,
Charles Hickman, Zeke Howard, Mildred Branch Nesbett, Don Nesbett,
Peggy Murphey Stockard, Mary George Stone Nugent, Jimmy Stockard,
J. R. Nugent, Jay Reed
Shreveport Luncheon
June 23, 2010, Shane's Restaurant, Shreveport
Sign Brought by Don Phillips, Class of '53; Ed Hurst (back to camera), Class of '58

From left: Shirley Richey, Gwen & Zeke Howard (Class of '53), Coach Clem & Martha Henderson, Andrea Jones Cooper (Class of '58)

Mary Black Sanders, Class of '53 & Cynthia Whitten, Class of '54

Bobby Stoll & Ron Rice, Class of '52; LeRoy Terry & Al Taglovar, Class of '51; David Matthews, Class of '53

Harley Brown, Class of '53, Medy Thomas Preston & Jane Williams Russell, Class of '52

Shirley Richey, Donald Ray Cooper, & Patricia Ward Faludi, all Class of '53

Zeke Howard, Class of '53, Coach Clem & Martha Henderson, Andrea Jones Cooper, Class of '58 & Patricia Ward Faludi, Class of '53

Sandra Geneux Strickland, Class of '58, Jo Nell Smith Jerome, Class of '53, Judy Phillips, Class of '57

Andrea Jones Cooper, Class of '58 & Spanky Lewis, Class of '55

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October 2-3, 2009

The FPHS Class of '53 Fifty + Six Reunion in Shreveport was a huge success with 110 in attendance.
A great time was had by all.
Car Trip to Texas Hill Country, April 19-21, 2010
Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman, Paxton & Carolyn Dickson,
Zeke & Gwen Howard, Don & Mildred Branch Nesbett, Donald Ray & Andrea Cooper