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The Crumplers & Hickmans Goint to Lunch in Dallas
(Johnie & Betty Bacon Crumpler; Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman)

Pictures from the Shreveport Luncheon
March 25, 2009
Judy Phillips, Don & Andrea (Jones) Cooper

left, Betty Breedlove, across Frances Breithaupt Murphey

Jerry & Barbara Crouch Byrd and Kathy Bonds (geauxto.com/fpalumni) director

Jo Nell Smith Jerome & brother, Wayne Smith (back view)

Pat Ward Faludi & Shirley Ritchie Jernigan

Carolyn & Paxton Dickson; Zeke & Gwen Howard

left to right on right side of table
Mary Gibbs & Dan Norcross, Jo Nell Jerome.(all 1953)

Gwen Howard, A.C. Clarke & Zeke Howard (all 1953)

Ron Rice,(1951)  Anna Mueller Dickson (1951) & Martha Henderson (Clem's wife)

Mary Black Sanders, Robert Hearn, Mary George Stone Nugent (all 1953) & J.R. Nugent (1949)

Jeanette Dove Lewis (1957) Margie Simmons Hearn & Robert Hearn,
Janelle Morell Hendrix, Mary George Stone Nugent (1953) & J.R. Nugent (1949)

Glenn Pickett (1952), Clem & Martha Henderson & A.C. Clarke (1953)

Anna Mueller Dickson & Ron Rice (both 1951)
across table Tommy Hill (Shirley Richie Jernigan's friend; went to Byrd)

Ruth Johnson (1955) & O'Neal Johnson (1953)
Charles Eaton (1952) & Patsy Hyatt Eaton (1953)

standing left Mary Kay Ebli (Leroy Ponder's daughter), Glenn Pickett (1952) & Shirley Ponder Hardwick (1954)
           seated left to right Beverly Waites Bryant (1953), Melba Simons Kerry (1953)

Bobby Cunningham (Byrd)  & Tommy Sanders (1952)

Clem Henderson & Cookie Moore Reed (1953)

Pictures from the Branson Trip
December 1-5, 2008
A wonderful 5-day trip to Branson
with members of the Class of '53 and friends

Jimmy Stockard ready to board the bus
Front: Paxton & Carolyn Dickson
Back: Charles & Mary Ann Moe Connaughton
On a cold Branson bench;
Front to back: Zeke Howard, Paxton Dickson, Jimmy Stockard, & Zeke's brother
Don Phillips at the Noah show
Zeke Howard & Mildred Branch Nesbett in lobby of a show
Charles Hickman with Santa
Donald Ray Cooper in a big rocker!
Mary Ann Moe Connaughton & Patsy Stewart Hickman
ready to board the
Branson Belle for a cruise and show on the watrer
Patsy Stewart Hickman & Jimmy Stockard
were picked from the audience to
participate with the ventriloquist
Yakov; one of the many shows
we attended in Branson
Billy & Nancy Tubbs Kline
who live in Branson and came out
to visit with their Fair Park classmates at a restaurant
Jimmy & Peggy Stockard, Billy & Nancy Kline, & Charles Connaughton
Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman in lobby of a show
One of the best shows in Branson!
Patsy Stewart Hickman and our bus driver
at the Platter's Show
Jimmy & Peggy Stockard at a Branson shopping area
Donald Ray Cooper shopped at Victoria Secret with his neighbor...
Seated and waiting for the show to begin
Gwen (Mrs. Zeke) Howard & Mary Ann Moe Connaughton
Carl & Shirley Ponder Hardwick
Jimmy Stockard catches a "throwed roll" in a restaurant
Paxton Dickson, Zeke & Gwen Howard, Mary Ann Moe Connaughton
Don Phillips tries on a cowboy hat
Judy (Mrs. Don) Phillips tries on a cowboy hat
Andrea Jones (Mrs. Donald Ray) Cooper waits for a show to begin
Charles & Mary Ann Moe Connaughton
Eating at a restaurant
Dale & Patricia LaGrone
Don & Mildred Branch Nesbett
Jimmy & Peggy Murphey Stockard and Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman
Ordering dinner on the Branson Belle
Donald Ray & Andrea Jones Cooper
The captain in the wheelhouse of the Branson Belle
Jimmy & Peggy Murphey Stockard
Dale & Patricia LaGrone
Zeke & Gwen Howard
Paxton & Carolyn Dickson
Shopping in a gift shop at one of the shows
Board the bus after a rest stop
Charles & Patsy Stewart Hickman checking out the menu
Zeke Howard & Donald Ray Cooper at a show intermission
Patsy Stewart Hickman checks out a vehicle in the parking lot
Jimmy Stockard & Charles Hickman watching shoppers exit Victoria's Secret
Charles Hickman, Dortha Foster Bawgus, Charles Connaughton, Zeke Howard
Patsy Steward Hickman; Peggy & Jimmy Stockard shopping by the lake
Charles Connaughton catches a snooze on the way home
The Gatlin Brothers with the Lennon Sisters
at the Tony Orlando show in Branson

Contact Mildred Branch Nesbett, (903) 643-3154; donnes@hughes.net

Shreveport Get-togethers
FPHS Classes of the 1950s
A group of Fair Parkers would like to get together in Shreveport two or three times per year for either a luncheon or a dinner.  If you would be interested in participating, please contact one of the following:

Sonny Sorrell

Janelle Morrell Hendricks
(318) 631-3455

Don Phillips
(318) 686-2115

Peggy Redwine Newell
(318) 798-6653

Patricia Ward Faludi
(318) 219-9135

Shirley Richie Jernigan